Welcome to #WOS2023!

Meeting logo t-shirts now available for purchase!

We are excited to host the 2023 meeting of the Wilson Ornithological Society on June 20–23, 2023. The conference will be available for both in-person and virtual attendance, with the in-person meeting taking place at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania (see campus map and conference building diagram).

Plenaries and oral presentations, the awards ceremony, the meet the editor event, and the “Geospatial Mapping in R” workshop will be available both in person and virtually. The poster session, welcome reception, LGBTQIA+ social, and banquet will be in-person only. Students attending virtually who wish to participate in the Student-Mentor Lunch will be paired up with a mentor, but will likely meet with that mentor at a different time than the in-person lunch.

N95 facemasks and COVID-19 rapid tests will be provided to all in-person registrants, and masks will be required during the meeting. Please review the full meeting COVID policy for details.

The 2023 Wilson Ornithological Society Conference takes place on the traditional, unceded homelands of several Lenape Tribal Nations, including the Delaware Nation, the Delaware Tribe of Indians, the Stockbridge Munsee Community, the Munsee-Delaware Nation, and the Delaware Nation of Moraviantown. The forced removal of the Lenape from their homelands began after the fraudulent Walking Purchase of 1737 and continued through the 1778 Treaty of Fort Pitt, which was the first treaty signed by the new U.S. and a native nation and was also the first treaty broken by the United States. We as the participants in this conference and members of Wilson Ornithological Society recognize that the harms of genocide and colonization on the Lenape and many indigenous nations are ongoing and know it is our responsibility to work against this ongoing harm and erasure. This acknowledgment only becomes meaningful when combined with accountable relationships and informed actions. It is only a first step. We respect the right to Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination and are committed to uplifting Indigenous voices while being better listeners, learners, and partners. We as members of the ornithological and avian conservation community need to examine our own work and our collective work to do better today and in the future.